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All About Wine Labels And Their Meaning

The label on a bottle is the first thing we look at when we go to buy our wine. It is on it that you will get all the main information about the producer and his vineyard.

Generally, we call it the first meeting between the consumer and the winemaker. There are many types of wine labels. These must absolutely include the necessary information that will make the consumer want to buy it, but also to learn about the origin of the grape variety. In the following article you will discover all you need to know about wine labels and their importance.


There is some information that must appear on the label.

To begin with, the name of the wine. This is what will define the quality of the wine, but also the denomination by country and regional areas.

Then, there must be the name and address of the wine producer. This address usually leads to the vineyard. This is what will indicate the origin of the grape variety.

Then there will be the volume of the contents which will correspond to the number of liters or centiliters of wine in the bottle. The volume of alcohol percentage is also noted on the bottle, it will indicate the amount in percentage of alcohol in the wine.

The lot number will be mandatory as well. There will be a letter "L" followed by several numbers.

It will also be necessary to indicate if there are allergens such as dairy products or sulfites.

The producer can also add additional information if necessary such as the year of harvest. This is a time of year when the grapes are grown for the production of this wine.

The type of grape variety will be indicated to know more about the content of the bottle.

If the wine has won awards or medals, it is important to put it on the label to attract the consumer. The consumer will surely think that it is a recognized and good quality wine.


You should know that in order to try to sell the wine and make it attractive, there is nothing better than a nice appearance and setting on the label so that it takes the attention of the buyers. This is what will make them want to buy it and taste it.

The ones that remind us of the south

The label of white, red or rosé wines that remind us of the sunny vacations in the south of France. There may be labels with little cartoon scenarios or others that will make us guess where the wine comes from. This is what will trigger the consumer's attention and make him want to travel just by tasting a good wine. It is at first sight that the buyer will have a potential idea on the flavors of this wine.

Romantic labels

Now it's time to take a trip to tenderness and love with labels filled with Romance. Their titles alone will bring out the sensuality in you. The color of the bottle will offer you colors that will make you