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Discover the Richness and Elegance of Mercurey Wines with Meix-Foulot

Burgundy is a region renowned for producing some of the world's finest wines, and the Mercurey appellation is no exception. Located in the heart of the Cote Chalonnaise, Mercurey is known for its rich and elegant wines. And if you're looking for a standout Mercurey wine, look no further than Meix-Foulot.

At Meix-Foulot, we've been producing exceptional wines in Mercurey for generations. Our vineyards are situated in some of the most favorable locations in the appellation, allowing us to produce wines that are rich, complex, and full of character.

One of the unique things about Mercurey is that it produces both red and white wines, with a higher percentage of red wine production. In fact, nearly 85% of the wines produced in Mercurey are red. But the white wines of Mercurey are equally impressive.

At Meix-Foulot, we produce both red and white Mercurey wines, each with their own distinct flavor profile. Our white Mercurey is a crisp and refreshing wine with notes of citrus and minerality, while our red Mercurey is a full-bodied wine with flavors of black cherry, blackberry, and a hint of spice.

In terms of production, Mercurey is a relatively small appellation, with only around 650 hectares of vineyards. However, the wines produced here are highly sought after, and Meix-Foulot is proud to have a hand in producing some of the finest wines in the region. We produce around 30,000 bottles of wine each year, with a focus on quality over quantity.

If you're looking to explore the wines of Mercurey, Meix-Foulot is the perfect place to start. Our wines are crafted with care and attention to detail, and we believe that each bottle truly reflects the unique character of Mercurey. So whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of Burgundy wines, give Meix-Foulot's Mercurey wines a try - we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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