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Domaine Drappier, Family estate since 1808

Today, the Drappier vineyard spans over 62 hectares. Mainly located in the village of Urville (Champagne), it maintains the strong identity of the Bar-sur-Aube area, characterised by the influence of Pinot Noir. This grape prevails here, representing 70% of the estate, supplemented by Pinot Meunier at 15%, Chardonnay at 9%, and old grape varieties at 6%.

Planted over 2,000 years ago by the Gallo-Romans, then watched over by the benevolent eye of Saint Bernard – founder of the Clairvaux Abbey – the vineyard now descends into the surrounding hillsides. Proximity to the vines is necessary to keep a close eye on how they evolve and interact with their environment. Because the vineyards are all local, the family has stepped up its sustainable approach to viticulture, and become certified as “organic”.

Indeed, no herbicides or insecticides are used on the estate, work on the soil is manually, with horses or machines. Domain Drappier allow grass to grow in a controlled manner between the vines, which encourages biodiversity and ensures that a natural balance is maintained throughout the vineyard. These methods are applied across 27 hectares of land, which are now cultivated sustainably and certified organic by "Ecocert". With the grapes, the domain can produce wines such as Clarevallis, Quattuor, Grande Sendrée, and Grande Sendrée Rosé.

Over 20 years ago, Michel Drappier imagined replanting gone grape varieties, which are now part of the vineyard in Urville. Much research and learning was required to nurture these vines, which eventually produced the vintage Quattuor in 2007, and the Trop m’en Faut (100% Fromenteau) in 2019.

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