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Focus on Domaine de La Poulette

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The Domaine de la Poulette is a very old property, belonging to a family whose presence on the wine coast is attested since the time of Louis XIV.

For more than six generations, it has been passed on by women, all of whom are passionate about wine, and who have always chosen men of value to carry the torch of the Domaine with them.

Through social forms that evolve with the generations, a secular experience and a constantly renewed know-how have been transmitted to maintain the Domaine at the forefront of quality.

The Domaine de La Poulette is committed to sustainable development and attaches great importance to the management of its vineyard.

Our objective is to respect the environment, without endangering the Domaine.

Pinot Noir is a subtle, fragile grape variety, sensitive to all kinds of diseases and difficult to cultivate. To produce this grape, it is necessary in one year, to pass manually nearly 10 times on each vine, at a rate of 10000 feet per hectare, that is to say more than one million passages per year for 10 hectares...

"The fashion of the so-called organic" has led to an abusive use of copper sulfate ... This product is "approved" organic because "leachable" ...

Domaine de la Poulette prefers to use more advanced products, more effective, but leaving less traces in the environment than these "old products" ... The products are never used more than twice and always in alternation, in order to avoid the habituation of the plant. And of course, as soon as the weather is good for a long period of time, we will space out the treatments as much as possible.

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