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The 2022 harvest has begun in Burgundy

The vintage will be one of the earliest in the region's history, after 2020 and 2003.

After a scorching summer, nothing could be more logical. The 2022 harvest started very early in Burgundy, as early as the week of August 15 for the earliest crémant plots in the Mâconnais. The harvest of these future sparkling wines continues until the end of the month. As for still wines, some pinot noir grapes are beginning to reach the vats in the Mâconnais, but the bulk of the harvest will take place from 29 August in the Côte Chalonnaise, Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits, and from 5 to 10 September in the Chablis region. The operation will continue until the last weeks of September for the latest parcels.

Healthy grapes and good balance

Early dates, but later than expected. In July, it was thought that most of the Burgundy grapes would be cut at the end of August. This forecast was thwarted by the high temperatures and the lack of water, which "blocked" the vines: ripening slowed down, only to resume with the arrival of the rains in the third week of August.

In any case, the winegrowers are smiling. All the indicators are green this year: the grapes are healthy, having hardly suffered from frost and hail, and even less from diseases. And the yields are expected to be correct, despite some losses in quantity due to the drought. Finally, the whole region is expecting optimal quality. The first analyses of the juices announce interesting balances, with a power - a hot vintage - well counterbalanced by a very present acidity, bringing freshness.

We will have to wait for the vinifications to know more. But one thing is certain: there is plenty under the rows to turn the sad page of 2021.

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