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Valentine's Day: our selection of the best wines and spirits excluding rosé champagnes

What does "aphrodisiac" really mean? While we don't deny that certain substances can incite love, we have an alternative theory: anything that is rare and delicious provokes an ecstasy that makes it easier to get closer to love. So it is with a great sweet wine, a wine with floral aromas, a cleverly composed liqueur... From the out-of-age brandy to the classified vintage through the pet' nat', discover some auxiliaries of Venus to be poured in two glasses.

The obvious: Beaujolais

For Valentine's Day, Beaujolais, of course! The Morgons, Brouilly or Chirouble crus of Beaujolais seem to be the best. Endowed with an undeniable potential of keeping. Cupid's arrows also know how to act over time..." Charcuterie and cheese, pork mignon with red fruits, chocolate mousse, it will accompany the whole meal.

Champagne: time for rosé

Other wines are associated by their type to this moment of sharing and sweetness, such as the rosé champagne. Champagne houses have the art of proposing superb bottles, such as the Rosé de Saignée from the Drappier domain. Provence offers rosés without bubbles, complex and refined, with a delicate color, which have nothing superficial.