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Where to go in Burgundy ? Our Must-do's in Burgundy

Start with our must-sees! In the four corners of the region, a journey through time and a unique show await you as you explore these exceptional places. Natural sites, some of them labeled "Grand Site de France", sites recognized by UNESCO, archaeological sites and towns and villages that deserve a stopover!


Learn about Burgundy history

1 - Les Hospices Beaune

These hospices were built in 1443 following the ravages of the plague and the 100 years war. This one lasted 116 years. These gothic buildings with glazed tiles are jewels of Burgundian architecture. These polychrome slate roofs are a strong symbol of Burgundy. For the anecdote, the large and magnificent Salle des Pôvres, which you will be led to visit, is called like that for a reason.

This hospital was conceived by the chancellor of Burgundy Nicolas Rolin to help the poor sick. Old people, destitute people, orphans, sick people, women in labour and the infirm have all benefited from free care since its opening in 1452.

2 - Bibracte

The Gallic and fortified region of Bibracte is extremely vast since it covers 200 hectares. It mixes substantial vestiges of Roman architecture and Gallic ruins essentially made of wood. As a result, Bibracte is an incredible playground for archaeologists. Learn about the history of Bibracte by visiting the museum located at the Col de la Croix du Rebout. Up there, you will enjoy a magical setting in the middle of the forest.

3 - Cluny

This medieval town has a prestigious heritage, a rich history and charming Romanesque houses. That's why its museum of Art and Archaeology is a place to visit in Burgundy. But that's not all! Take a look at the Cluny Abbey, the Hôtel-Dieu and the Tour des Fromages. After having courageously climbed to the top of its 120 steps, you will discover an exceptional 360° panorama on Cluny and its surroundings. Take advantage of this sensational moment to take souvenir photos.

4 - Vézelay Abbey

L'Abbaye Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Vézelay is a Benedictine and Cluniac monastery in Vézelay in the east-central French department of Yonne. It was constructed between 1120 and 1150. It is one of the great masterpieces of Burgundian Romanesque art and architecture. Sacked by the Huguenots in 1569, the building suffered neglect in the 17th and the 18th centuries and some further damage during the period of the French Revolution.

The church and hill at Vézelay were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979 because of their importance in medieval Christianity and outstanding architecture.

5 - Le Palais des ducs et des États de Bourgogne

The Palace of the Dukes and Estates of Burgundy or Palais des ducs et des États de Bourgogne is a remarkably well-preserved architectural assemblage in Dijon. The oldest part is the 14th and 15th century Gothic ducal palace and seat of the Dukes of Burgundy, made up of a logis still visible on place de la Liberation, the ducal kitchens on cour de Bar, the tour de Philippe le Bon, a "guette" overlooking the whole city, and tour de Bar. Most of what can be seen today, however, was built in the 17th and especially the 18th centuries, in a classical style, when the palace was a royal residence building and housed the estates of Burgundy. Finally, the 19th façade of the musée on place de la Sainte-Chapelle was added on the site of the palace's Sainte-Chapelle, demolished in 1802. The Palace houses the city's town hall and the musée des Beaux-Arts.

Burgundy best places to eat & drink

1 - Route des Grands Crus

It is impossible to visit Burgundy without going through a wine tasting (or several)! The route des Grands Crus allows you to meet many wine growers and to test different kinds of wine. It is the oldest wine route in France. Thanks to it, a new way of traveling has appeared: wine tourism. It is a form of local tourism based on the discovery of wine regions and their productions.

Following her itinerary, you will stop in 37 villages and 2 legendary cities already mentioned here: Dijon and Beaune. You will be able to discover the secrets of the Burgundy wine tradition and taste legendary red, white and rosé wines. You will stop in Gevrey-Chambertin, the village with 9 grands crus and 26 premiers crus. But also in Vosne-Romanée, a village whose wine parcels are the most quoted in the world. Finally, stop at the Maison des Vins for a delicious tasting "by the glass".

All in all, the route des Grands Crus represents 60 kilometers of revelations and olfactory delights.


For 40 years, Chef Patrick Bertron has been working in the La Côte d'Or's kitchen (including 20 years with Bernard Loiseau). While striving to perpetuate the fabulous culinary heritage of the house, Patrick Bertron expresses his own style through his creations which tell, with poetry mixed with greed, his deep attachment for Burgundy and more precisely his Morvan.

3 - La Table de Levernois

La Table de Levernois

Just a stone's throw from Beaune, the Hostellerie de Levernois opens the doors of its 1 star Michelin Guide Gastronomic Restaurant, "La Table de Levernois".

Bathed in light, with a view of the park and the river that runs through it, the restaurant room of La Table de Levernois welcomes all gourmets for a moment of happiness. Bernard Bruyer, our Maître d'Hôtel, will be delighted to welcome you and share his passion for the land and its products. The Gastronomic Restaurant offers you its menu as well as 3 different menus and invites you to discover the starred cuisine of our Chef, Philippe Augé.

Burgundy best places to Hike & Swim

1 - Le Parc Régional de Bourgogne

While driving through the roads of Burgundy, you will inevitably come across the mysterious Morvan massif. It is located in the center of the region and extends over four departments. It is a privileged place for walkers and sportsmen. On the spot, go rafting on the Chalaux, Canorafting on the Cure or a night descent in a canoe-kayak. Before continuing, discover the Gouloux jump: a waterfall preserved in the depths of the forest.

Listen to the sound of the water grow louder as you go along. Finally, indulge in the food at the delicious restaurant nearby.

2 - La Roche de Solutré

The Roche de Solutré received the label of Grand Site de France in 2013. In addition to being one of the largest prehistoric sites in Europe, this site offers a colorful and wild panorama. On the other hand, the place is suitable for hiking, horseback riding or... scooter riding. Five circuits of 4 to 14 kilometers are accessible to all travelers. By going up to the top of the Rock, you will see a sea of vines as far as the eye can see.

To get there, come by bus from Mâcon and continue your visit on foot. Alternatively, you can rent classic or electric bicycles at the tourist office of Charnay-les-Mâcon. This way, you will visit without polluting!

3 - Le lac des Settons

Fishing, catamaran, paddle, relaxation and idleness: the lake of Settons is a small paradise on earth. As soon as you arrive, you will surely wonder in which country you are. And it is understandable, as the beauty of this site is disconcerting.

When we travel, we always need a moment of zen to recover and to empty our minds. This is exactly why the lake of Settons is a place to visit in Burgundy! Relax on a white sandy beach or go for a swim far from everything. You will feel like on a cloud for a few hours. A great opportunity to meet, swim or practice water activities in Burgundy.

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