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Where to go in Burgundy ? Our Must-do's in Burgundy

Start with our must-sees! In the four corners of the region, a journey through time and a unique show await you as you explore these exceptional places. Natural sites, some of them labeled "Grand Site de France", sites recognized by UNESCO, archaeological sites and towns and villages that deserve a stopover!


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Learn about Burgundy history

1 - Les Hospices Beaune

These hospices were built in 1443 following the ravages of the plague and the 100 years war. This one lasted 116 years. These gothic buildings with glazed tiles are jewels of Burgundian architecture. These polychrome slate roofs are a strong symbol of Burgundy. For the anecdote, the large and magnificent Salle des Pôvres, which you will be led to visit, is called like that for a reason.

This hospital was conceived by the chancellor of Burgundy Nicolas Rolin to help the poor sick. Old people, destitute people, orphans, sick people, women in labour and the infirm have all benefited from free care since its opening in 1452.

2 - Bibracte

The Gallic and fortified region of Bibracte is extremely vast since it covers 200 hectares. It mixes substantial vestiges of Roman architecture and Gallic ruins essentially made of wood. As a result, Bibracte is an incredible playground for archaeologists. Learn about the history of Bibracte by visiting the museum located at the Col de la Croix du Rebout. Up there, you will enjoy a magical setting in the middle of the forest.

3 - Cluny

This medieval town has a prestigious heritage, a rich history and charming Romanesque houses. That's why its museum of Art and Archaeology is a place to visit in Burgundy. But that's not all! Take a look at the Cluny Abbey, the Hôtel-Dieu and the Tour des Fromages. After having courageously climbed to the top of its 120 steps, you will discover an exceptional 360° panorama on Cluny and its surroundings. Take advantage of this sensational moment to take souvenir photos.<