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Which wines to offer at Christmas without paying too much?

Give wine as a gift? That's a good idea! But you have to make the right choice.

Offer a nice bottle, a box or a magnum ? It's true that it's a good idea, especially for the holidays. But between the bling-bling Champagne, the great wines that reassure and the trendy domains, we sometimes get a little carried away... for nothing. To make the right choice and to offer THE right bottle, we have concocted a selection for you.

Champagne Rosé de Saignée Drappier:

We start with the Domaine Drappier and its Champagne brut Rosé de Saignée Cuvé: 50% chardonnay / 50% pinot noir. A skilful blend that will seduce the amateurs of vinous, complex and generous Champagne. It will accompany without complex a fish or a poultry.

Saint Véran from Domaine Chardigny:

Lovers of great white wines are bound to be charmed by this Saint Véran. Made from a selection of parcels, it has the minerality and structure of the great white wines and will be a delight with seafood on New Year's Day!

Mercurey from Meix foulot:

In red, we won't lie to ourselves. There are lovers of Burgundy and big fans of Bordeaux... and they are rarely the same! At HK Butler we are definitely Burgundy Lovers.

This nice Mercurey from Domaine Meix Foulot. A pinot noir straight in its boots and elegant that will put everyone in agreement. With this high-class red, the talented winemaker is true to her reputation.

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