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ntroducing the luxurious Burgundy Wine Morgon Grand Cras - a red wine with a rich and complex flavor profile. Boasting notes of dark fruit and spice, this wine is a true testament to the artistry of Burgundy winemaking.

Morgon Grand Cras - Domaine Laurent Gauthier

  • Vintage:2020

    Grape Variety: 100% Gamay

    Domain Name & Location: Domaine Laurent Gauthier, Cote du Py Beaujolais, France

    Recommended Tasting Temperature: 14-16°C

    Cellaring Potential: 5-10 years, depending on the vintage and storage conditions. Morgon wines, particularly those from the Grand Cras vineyard, can develop complexity and character with age, but are typically best consumed within the first few years after the vintage date to enjoy their fresh and fruity flavors.

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