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Petit Chablis | Burgundy Wine

Petit Chablis - White - 2019 - Pisse Loup

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The white wine Petit Chablis benefits from an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée. It is a wine from the northern part of Burgundy. From an exclusively Chardonnay grape variety, this wine presents to the eye a dress with a brilliant light gold color. Green reflections can be distinguished.


On the nose, we find in Petit Chablis aromas of white flowers such as acacia and hawthorn, associated with citrus notes: grapefruit and lemon. A mineral background enhances this festival of subtle flavors. It is not rare to find notes of white fruits like peach.


On the palate, Petit Chablis presents vivacity combined with lightness. A subtle alliance! It then brings a frank roundness in mouth. The fatty aspect leaves a persistent fruity sensation quite delicious. Iodized aromas can still characterize the Petit Chablis which blossoms in vineyards far from the coast.


Petit Chablis is a dry white wine that can be categorized as a still wine, i.e. one that does not form bubbles when opened. There is no bubbling stage.


    Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay

    Wineyard Location: Chablis, Burgundy

    Colour: yellow

    Flavour: Fruity and floral scents, accompanied by herbaceous and delicate mineral notes

    Food Pairing: White meats, rice and pasta

    Tasting Temperature: 12 - 13 Degrees Celcius 


    A 13-hectare family estate established in 1985. A clayey/chalky terroir, all parcels having a favourable aspect.
    Our philosophy: respect for the natural world and its balances, rigour in our wine-growing operations, with time on our side.
    Our objective: to produce wines or real authenticity.

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