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The New HK Butler Wine Encyclopedia is one of the most comprehensive guide to the world of wine, featuring extensively researched information on how grapes are grown and made into wine, as well as the history, culture, geographic regions, and taste of vintages around the globe. It is an essential reference book for both those new to wine and more experienced collectors.


Beautifully illustrated with more than 400 images and 100 brand-new National Geographic maps, this definitive guide is arranged geographically to highlight the regions and climates that produce the best vintages.


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HK$76.00Sale Price
    • The Taste of Wine 10
    • How to Assess a Wine 12
    • Terroir 14
    • Guide to Vineyard Soils 17
    • Viticulture 19
    • Annual Life cycle of the Vine 23
    • Vinification 25
    • The Choice of Oak 32
    • Grape Varieties 35
    • Glossary of Grape Varieties 36
    • Grape Variety Synonyms 43
    • Storing Wine 46
    • Serving Wine 47
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