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Côte Chalonaise

Côte Chalonnaise

Vineyard spread over some forty communes in the north of the Saône-et-Loire.  The grape varieties used are pinot noir for the red wines and chardonnay for the white wines. The grapes are harvested, the wine is made and the Bourgogne côte-chalonnaise is produced in the following communes:

Buxy, Genouilly, Givry, Jambles, Jully-lès-Buxy, Mellecey, Mercurey, Montagny-lès-Buxy, Moroges, Remigny (southern part), Rosey, Rully, Saint-Boil, Saint-Vallerin, Santilly, Sassangy, Saules, Sercy and Vaux-en-Pré.

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