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Li Bai: The Wine-Loving Poet of China

Updated: Jan 30

If you're a fan of wine and Chinese poetry, then you may have heard of Li Bai, one of the most famous poets of the Tang dynasty. Li Bai was known for his love of wine, and many of his poems celebrate the joys of drinking and the beauty of nature.

One of Li Bai's most famous poems about wine is "Drinking Alone by Moonlight." In this poem, Li Bai describes the pleasure of drinking wine in solitude, surrounded only by the moon and the stars. He writes:

"Amidst the flowers I am alone with my pot of wine drinking by myself; then lifting my cup I asked the moon to drink with me, its reflection and mine in the wine cup, just the three of us; then I sigh for the moon cannot drink, and my shadow goes emptily along with me never saying a word."

This poem captures the essence of Li Bai's love of wine and his appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. It's also a reminder that sometimes the best moments in life are the simple ones, like drinking a glass of wine under the stars.

If you're a wine lover and a fan of Li Bai's poetry, why not combine the two and try drinking a glass of wine while reading some of Li Bai's work? You might be surprised at how well the two go together. So next time you're looking for a little inspiration or just want to relax with a good glass of wine, turn to Li Bai and let his words transport you to a world of beauty and tranquility.

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