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The Mercurey appellation celebrates its centenary!

Mercurey is proud to mark this anniversary with three past and future events, reflecting a united territory with renowned expertise and confidence in the future.

It has officially existed for a century (thanks to a ruling dated May 29, 1923), with precise geographical limits. It owes this to two of its winegrowers who wished to protect the name by taking the Chalon court to denounce the practice of winegrowers from neighboring communes who dared to declare that they were producing Mercurey. But if Mercurey wishes to celebrate this centenary with dignity, it is as much because it is proud of its heritage as because it is aware that it is "a treasure to be rediscovered". This expression from ODG President Amaury Devillard underlines the evolution of Mercurey wines over the last 25 years. The appellation, one of the largest in Burgundy (650 ha), has long fed the trade, sometimes to the detriment of optimum quality. Since then, the winegrowers have increased their bottle production and, thanks to a real spirit of mutual support, improved their wines. "The reputation of somewhat rustic wines now seems to have faded in favor of wines known for being greedy, balanced, fruity, with fine tannins and great digestibility", explains Amaury Devillard. The place and reputation of Mercurey whites (representing 15% of the appellation) is also growing; both chardonnay and pinot noir thrive on Mercurey's varied terroir profiles. The 2017 Saint Vincent Tournante (100,000 visitors) had already given the signal for a new commercial momentum. The sharp rise in sales of Côte d'Or wines also had a positive impact on Mercurey.

The village is celebrating its anniversary in three stages. The festivities began on May 30 with the commemoration of the decree of appellation: 3 plaques were placed in Mercurey, Saint Martin sous Montaigu and the Caveau Divin. The festival reached its climax on July 8, with a large audience enjoying the varied entertainment. The best (for gourmets) is yet to come with the gala dinner on Friday March 8, 2024 at the Abbaye de Maizières in the presence of chefs from Lameloise and L'Amaryllis, Eric Prat and Cédric Burtin, whose star-studded dishes will sublimate the Mercurey crus.

Abbaye de Maizières, where the gala dinner celebrating 100 years of the Mercurey appellation will take place.

The following day, wine lovers and the press will be invited to a grand tasting, followed by a historical lecture given by the mayor of Chalon. The duty of remembrance is a key element in the town's reputation. We have just celebrated Saint Vincent's Day, which attracted a large number of young people who are curious about their past and attached to their land," emphasizes Amaury Devillard. Benoît and Emilie Eschard (Domaine Jeannin-Naltet) speak of their role as heirs and transmitters: "The celebration of St Vincent, the anniversaries of appellations and brotherhoods are important moments for the wine community. We are honoured to be the guarantors of our Saint this year, and the ambassadors of the Mercurey Appellation at the St Vincent Tournante next weekend. At a time when individualism reigns supreme, it seems essential to take care of the collective asset that is our beautiful Mercurey appellation. It's an inheritance, and we're only temporary custodians of our parcels, with a responsibility to pass them on in a condition at least as excellent as the one we inherited. It's the collective reflection and implementation of measures that will enable us to manage the transition and ensure that the Appellation celebrates its 1000th anniversary in 900 years' time".

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