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What is Beaujolais Nouveau?

You've been enjoying it recently, but do you know what it's all about? Find out more about the star of November.

Every year, it is eagerly awaited: on the third Thursday of November, the signs on the windows of wine shops display "Beaujolais nouveau has arrived!

In 1951, the Beaujolais wine union, which brings together all the winegrowers of the region, was authorized to market its "primeur" wines, i.e. wines from the year's harvest. The result is the creation of the appellation "Beaujolais Nouveau" which can be marketed before December 15th, something that was previously forbidden. The Beaujolais Nouveau wines remain only a short time in maceration, maximum ten days and are sold two months after their harvest. Beaujolais Nouveau is made from the Gamay Noir grape variety with white juice which gives festive wines with aromas of red fruits, flowers, or even... banana! These aromas are linked to the addition of artificial yeast during carbonic maceration, which is a maceration technique mainly used for the production of early harvest wines.

The tradition

Although Beaujolais Nouveau is not unanimously appreciated, it still represents a third of the total production of Beaujolais, i.e. 55 million bottles of wine each year. This is still an exception as no other region in the world manages to sell so many bottles in such a short period of time. The arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau is celebrated all over the world and represents a French tradition that foreigners love to celebrate! It is in Japan that it is tasted first thanks to the time difference, at midnight. A festive wine that is easy to drink, it goes perfectly with Lyon's charcuterie or fresh goat cheese.

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