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What to drink with sushi?

Raw fish, rice, a touch of wasabi, sushi is a difficult dish to pair with a drink. If you are not a tea or sake fan, why not try beer or champagne?

To counterbalance the strong taste of the soy sauce and to go with fairly fatty fish, beer is one of the most suitable solutions. Its bitterness provides a subtle balance while retaining the complex taste of the sushi. Choose a light beer, such as the Japanese variants of Asahi or Kirin. If you enjoy sake, look for ginjo sake or daiginjou sake which have little rice flavor. Sake with a strong rice flavor goes much better with sashimi than with sushi.

Champagne, a surprising pairing!

While drinking champagne with sushi adds to the bill, it is often a pleasant combination. Salmon, shrimp, scampi and scallops are particularly fond of bubbles. White and rosé champagnes are often the best associations. If you prefer white wine, opt for mineral flavors. Finally, if you only swear by red wine, prefer delicate and light wines. Pinot Noirs from Burgundy or Beaujolais are the best choices, especially if you eat tuna sushi.

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