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How many bottles of wine and champagne for my wedding?

At HK Butler , in order to properly advise you on the number of bottles to order of wine and champagne (or any bubbly wine such as crémant or Prosecco), we must first take into account the following main principles: You don't want to run out of anything, and you don't want to be left with an excessive stock at the end of your event. You will have taken care to ensure that your guests drink in moderation and do not drive after your party.

For a wedding, we recommend about 5 glasses per person, in the configuration of a reception / wine of honor, followed by a meal, and which would continue late into the night with the most daring of your guests. In a shorter scheme, without a welcome drink or a party after the meal, limit the consumption in proportion, to avoid too intensive consumption. For the proportion between still and sparkling wines, we advise you to take 2 thirds of bubbles, 1 third of wine. This proportion remains free, depending on your taste and budget.

The longer the part where you are going to serve food, the more wine you will think to plan, and vice versa. The most "festive" parts of your event, such as the reception, the vin d'honneur, the pièce montée, the dancing or interactive sequences,

will be more favorable to the consumption of bubbles! Having said that, below is a table of references of the number of bottles to plan according to the number of guests.

Number of guests - Number of bottles 20 - 17 40 - 34 60 - 50 80 - 67 100 - 84 120 - 100 140 - 117 160 - 134 180 - 150 200 - 167 220 - 184 240 - 200 260 - 217 280 - 234 300 - 250

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