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What is the best wine for wedding?

You are in the middle of wedding preparations? The wedding dress is chosen after long hours of fitting!

Mister is still hesitating about his suit, the table plan is the subject of debate, the witnesses are in the starting blocks... And what about the wines and champagnes in all this ? What to drink at the cocktail party? White or red? 1, 2 or 3 wines? How to anticipate the volumes, what budget?

Which wine for your cocktail or your wine of honor?

It is the first wine tasted by your guests. Several choices are available to you: A Champagne: Choose a Champagne Brut or even better a Blanc de Blancs which will be perfect for the aperitif. Un crémant from Burgundy will bring you a nice freshness.

Champagne wedding

Which wines for your meals?

Just like the table plan, the choice of wines for your wedding can be a real headache. We are here to help you find the best matches for your wedding menu, but here are a few tips: For starters: a dry white wine (Burgundy, Loire, Alsace) to accompany fish or shellfish dishes. For the main course: This will depend on the type of dish.

With red meat or game, we will start with a rather full-bodied red wine.

For poultry in sauce or white meat, a white wine with a nice roundness and fatness will do the trick.

With fish, go for a white wine with a nice freshness.

For cheese: We still have the habit in France to associate it with a red wine. Surprise your guests with a nice white wine. For dessert: Bubbles to finish the dinner! Champagne Brut, Rosé or Blanc de Blancs will allow you to finish the meal in beauty!

Why choose HK Butler for your wine ?

1. Our services

You will be in relation directly with the Butler. the wine expert of Find A Bottle. David will be your unique interlocutor and will be there to accompany you.

We base ourselves obviously on your menu to establish your wine list. From the cocktail to the end of the evening, we will propose you the best matches between food and wine.

The objective is to find you wines with the best quality/price ratio, original and adapted to your personality.

2. Our Wines

We have selected only the we like, directly from our favorite domains in Champagne, Burgundy, Côtes du Rhône and Provence. Being from Burgundy we spent our time to visiting producers and are proud of our partners so you can discover and experience new flavours.

All the wine comes straight from the vineyards of small and local families of producers. All wines are bought directly at the domain, thus guaranteeing the best prices.

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